• Gloria Diademe

      Gloria Diademe

      $695.00 $550.00

      This stunning Art Nouveau style Headpiece is truly a work of art. Only 1 left! Handmade by our Melbourne jewellers...

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    • Josephine Luxe Crown

      Josephine Luxe Crown

      $2,999.00 $1,494.50

      The Josephine Crown is one of Stephanie's signature designs. This particular crown is bespoke (one off) as it is a...

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    • Ophelia Chandelier

      $379.00 $295.00

      Our beautiful Ophelia Chandeliers are from our Archive Collection and are a stunning example of Art Deco elegance.  Made using...

    • Windsor Necklace

      $654.50 $295.00

      The collar style necklace is a great choice for off shoulder necklines as well as boat and even turtle neck....

    • Windsor bracelet

      Windsor bracelet

      $275.00 $175.00

      The beautiful Windsor Bracelet is the epitome of Art Deco glamour. Only 2 left from our archives! This beautiful luxurious...

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    • Taylor Earrings

      $259.00 $155.00

      The stunning Taylor Earrings from our Archives are a reproduction of a Mid Century style. Everything about these gorgeous earrings...

    • Daisey Earrings

      $193.00 $113.00

      This gorgeous Art Deco-inspired design is perfect for both bridal or special occasion earrings. Handmade in the highest quality, it can be...

    • Taylor Brooch/Comb

      $275.00 $125.00

      From our archives we bring you the The Taylor Brooch . This style epitomises everything about a bygone era. The...

    • Harlow Earrings

      $165.00 $82.50

      From our Stephanie Browne Archives we introduce the beautiful Harlow earrings. Meticulously crafted with diamond cut crystal, these drops are...

    • Emmy Comb

      Emmy Comb

      $165.00 $95.00

      The Emmy Comb is a vintage inspired design from our Archives, featuring a gorgeous jewelled Swarovski crystal feather. To complete...

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    • Gabrielle Earrings

      $229.00 $189.00

      From our Archives the gorgeous statement Gabrielle Earrings are designed and created in Australia by our artisan jewellers. Angels Wings...

    • Fiorentina Halo

      Fiorentina Halo

      $591.00 $451.00

      Inspired by wildflowers, lace, and old-world bohemian glamour this is a gorgeous bridal headpiece. The Fiorentina Halo is designed to wear on...

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